triBBBal Artist Spotlight: Wonder on Canvas; Teddy Bechman Mshauko’s Artistic Testament

Delve into the world of Teddy Bechman Mshauko, a realism artist. Explore how his artistic roots, nurtured by his sister, blossomed during his formative years. Discover the profound connection between Teddy's art and spirituality. Join us on a journey to discovering the motivations, techniques, and captivating narratives that underlie the strokes of Teddy’s works bringing vitality to his canvases. Uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary through his expertly crafted creations, where a fusion of talent, faith, and unwavering commitment converges on the canvas, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of artistry.


In the heart of the scenic town of Chipata, Zambia, a young visionary artist makes waves with his extraordinary talent. Teddy Bechman Mshauko is a realism artist, whose art transcends the canvas, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of his personal experiences. Teddy's journey as a visual artist is not merely a showcase of skill, but a profound expression of his deep reverence for the beauty woven into the fabric of the natural world.

Born and raised in Chipata, Teddy has developed a unique perspective that breathes life into his creations. His artwork serves as a testament to the power of observation, capturing the nuances of reality with a meticulous touch. As a realism artist, Teddy strives to immortalize the essence of the world around him, bringing forth the beauty that often goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Artist Bio:                                                           

Teddy Bechman Mshauko, a 24-year-old visual artist, hails from the Scenic town of Chipata in Zambia's Eastern Province. His artistic journey commenced at the tender age of 9, during his third-grade years, spurred by the creative influence of his elder sister, Mimmy Arts. Misozi's dedication to art during her high school years served as an inspiration to young Teddy.

Nevertheless, it was during his formative years at Chizongwe Technical High School that Teddy Bechman's artistic talents truly flourished. His participation in an art club provided the necessary guidance and opportunities to nurture his skills, allowing his imagination to take flight.

Teddy Bechman's artistic vision is deeply intertwined with his spirituality. Through his creations, he seeks to pay homage to the divine designs of the Creator. His art serves as a poignant medium to express his profound reverence for the intricate and awe-inspiring beauty inherent in the natural world. Each brushstroke and every line on his canvas encapsulate the essence of God's masterful handiwork, inviting viewers to partake in his profound sense of wonder and appreciation for the world's boundless marvels. Teddy Bechman's art stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of his talent, faith, and unwavering commitment to highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary.



Interview Segment with Teddy Bechman Mshauko

Q1. Can you share the story behind your artistic journey? What led you to pursue art, and how has your style evolved?

I have been creating Art since I was six years old. It started as a hobby and I drew just to pass the time. I drew every day, anywhere on pretty much anything. I had this obsession for drawing and I knew I wanted to draw my whole life. My art always amazed people and it was all over my home and classroom walls. However, I didn't see the possibility of taking it as a profession later in life as I lacked exposure. I knew of nobody who flourished creating art, much less knew about the business side of art. I didn't think of making it a profession until mid-2018 when I came across a certain artist on Facebook. I saw how he made money off Commissions and this excited me and I instantly knew I wanted to be a professional artist. Since that day, I have never skipped a day from drawing. I initially started working with graphite over time I switched to charcoal. I figured I could create more wonderful works with charcoal because of the wide range of values I could get without the medium shining on paper. Charcoal helps me attain the feel I want my work to have. Art is something I am very passionate about. I enjoy every bit of the drawing process, art is my therapy. I do not regret choosing this path because creating art is my purpose.

Q2. What are some of the main sources of inspiration for your work? Are there any particular artists or movements that have influenced your artistic approach?

My art is inspired by my personality and interests. I am an introvert and a strong believer in the importance of being content with the little one. In my works you can see silence calmness and to some extent of Solitude. I believe in the importance of embracing one's natural self and the value of simplicity.
My art is simply a reflection of me it is not inspired by external causes or movements.

Q3. How do you approach the process of creating a new piece or body of work? Do you have any rituals or routines that help you get into the creative mindset?

Making myself mentally ready for work is vital. I make sure my mind is in place and well ready for the undertaking before anything. I ensure that my upcoming project will be worth the time. I examine the reference pictures and plan the execution I then spend an entire day away from my studio just to relax my mind and use this time for recreation. Moments before starting the work, I offer a prayer of thanks to God and ask for guidance throughout the project.


                                                                                                                   Title: Mark

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Q4. What techniques or mediums do you primarily use in your creations, and why do you find them particularly suited to expressing your ideas?

I work mostly with charcoal pencils. Charcoal pencils help me achieve a more realistic texture (especially for skins) because of how well they blend and the wider range of values I can attain with this medium. I want my works to have a subtle look, non-shining and monochromic. I can attain all this with charcoal pencils.

Q5. How do you infuse your personal experiences and emotions into your art?

With proper use of composition, I can depict my own life in my works. I try to use negative space to emphasize emotions and feelings of loneliness. This will be more vivid in my future works. My experiences have a place in my art. I try to depict my experiences as a young boy my life as a young person and the things I used to practice growing up. Refer to my work entitled "Mphira".

Q6. Do you have a favorite piece or project you've worked on? What makes it special to you and what was the inspiration behind it?

My favorite piece is "Mphira".Because I share a deeper personal connection with this work as it makes me reminisce about my childhood. I hunted down birds as a kid and it was always an exciting adventure. It also stands out from the rest In terms of composition (use of space especially).


                                                                                                                Title: Mphira

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Q7. What role do you believe art plays in society, and what do you hope your art contributes or communicates to the wider world?

I believe that art plays a vital role in Society. It serves as a form of expression and can reflect cultural values and perspectives. I want my art to evoke emotions, inspire critical thinking, and invite the viewers into this serene world. I aim to evoke a sense of peaceful introspection, allowing viewers to find solace in the simplicity of stillness and the vastness of space.

Q8. Are there any exciting upcoming projects, collaborations, or exhibitions you are currently working on or planning for? What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

I plan on having a solo exhibition mid-next year. In the next few months expect to see more amazing artworks from me. I intend to employ the use of mixed media for my works which I believe will enable me to create art that will be much easier to decipher.

Q9. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an artist?

I dream of becoming one of the most successful artists in the world in all aspects. I believe there is no limit as to how good one can get and this fuels me to keep reaching for higher heights. I dream of having a well-established studio space for my works with all the necessary equipment and I also dream of having my art showcased at renowned International exhibitions and art fairs.


                                                                                                                   Title: Duwa

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Embarking on a visual journey through the masterpieces of realism artist Teddy Bechman Mshauko is to immerse oneself in a realm where artistic expression becomes a sacred tribute to the divine. Teddy's creations are a testament to his unwavering reverence for the beauty woven into the fabric of the natural world. In this exploration of realism, each stroke and detail serves as a poignant medium through which the artist pays homage to the divine designs of the Creator.

Teddy's art is not just a representation; it is a celebration of life's intricate details, an ode to the beauty that surrounds us, and an invitation to perceive the world through the eyes of a truly gifted artist.


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