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Time Changes


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Time changes, have been one of the concept I thought of, when I was in high school. Time changes in the fact that time does not wait for any man. I always ask myself as an artist that why is it that time keep moving but time never grows, its humanity that grows. As a young Artist from Ghana African. One of the thing that keeps me moving and putting pressure on myself to do something to achieve something is TIME. Because I believe that time will never wait for me, and Im not going to be young forever, and being young also is the time that Im energetic, vibrant ,strong and healthy. That alone means I don have to waste time chasing commodities that cannot add any value to my life. The young boy in my piece represent a young vibrant African boy who believe and know that Time changes. The clock he picks along by his side is explaining how he sticks to his time and not ready to waste a bit of it. Although he knows the is time for everything but no one knows the time for that thing. So he is always ready to obey his time. Wasted time can never be achieve , when it is the time to do it do it , no procrastination because you feel like you are weak. He is motoring a symbol, which means time changes. This symbol is one of the Adinkra symbols which was created in Ghana. The blindfold of the boy is explaining how most people waste time and by that they are blind with it and never know that the time keep going. Don waste time, cos time is unachievable. Obey time, because time changes. Work hard and never listen to discouragement.

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the word pyrography means writing with fire. many people refer to pyrography as wood burning. I have practically created my style to approach pyrography with different technique.I use fire and blade to draw to form arts on heavy chipboard and wood in a form of burnt marks. l want my art to awake old memories and tell stories, educate, elevate, motivate,entertain the antique experience to the born and unborn. I want my art to tell the sentiment of people who lack the power to speak in public domain about sensitive issues that affect humanity. I mostly adopt the past present and future contemporary African vicinity, because I feel they are more stories to tell to generation and continuous. working on chipboard and wood makes me interact creatively with nature and makes me feel with life with the leaving. my goal is a driving force that keeps me burning in the art to create meaning in many diversity and to inspire the powerless mind of those who lack power to speak for the true sense of existence as I connect them to creation beyond imagination.

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