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Fabric collage

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Title: Joy , I thought about it ? and I realized that Michael Jackson life make everyone know about break dance.

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Sogo Oladele was born (1997) in Ondo State, Nigeria. He began creating art at a tender age, and was encouraged by his passion to pursue art as a carrier. He's currently into fine & applied arts bachelor's degree programme in Adeyemi university of education (AFUED).

His speciality is creating expressive images utilising pieces of clothes to form collage when glued on canvas accompanied with oil colour which helps facilitate the portrayal of his subject's humanity and raw emotions. His mission is to render voice to the world that is often misinterpreted, misunderstood and misrepresented, as well as to emphasize the beauty that already exists in it.
He continues to challenge himself, learn and grow with every experience, and discover art in every scenario, understanding that life is only a series of marked canvases.

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