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What can capture the beauty of a black woman Like a Rose? At the sight of sunlight It blooms in great delight As sure as life It grows and thrives As steady as time It cracks open wide A beautifully formed masterpiece A Tender Symbol of Peace It carries a gentle tranquility That can be matched only by it\s purity Delicate and defensive Is the queen of the garden Precious and powerful Are the Roses and it\s thorns What can capture the beauty of a black woman? If not the Wild Wild Roses When other beauties can not speak The Rose will be there to Preach. <br>Medium: charcoal and acrylic on canvas <br>Write up: @rubyojones

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Franklin Nonso Ndibam is a contemporary artist who was born in West Africa, Nigeria. He started drawing at the age of 7. br He is a self taught artist who expresses himself in various media using charcoal,acrylic and oil on canvas,he gets inspiration from things happening around him,his cultural lineage and the societal values. brHe was once nominated for Creative faith academy awards as an artist of the year category 2018 and he later won the award 2020 which highlighted his consistency to keep creating work of arts. brIn 2021 he got his first international recognition when his works was sold abroad, therefore he\\s getting ready to explore 2022 more internationally/globally creating contemporary black arts and NFT arts.

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