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Uke:The Gift

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In stock· Used· Category: Artwork· Sub Category: Painting· Style: Figurative· Dimension: 32 x 34 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Skill Level: Professional· Total Units: 1· Abuja· Federal Capital Territory· Nigeria
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Acrylic painting

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Endowed with beauty, aproned in elegance; brA eulogy for Mama the pearl on my crown, brThe emblem of my childhood nostalgia, brthe hand of correction chastening my tantrums, brMy cheerleader, brMy inner giant craves for her pat on his back, brIn my euphoria I wonder, brthe benevolence of divinity brThis profound emissary of love to bequeath brYet in hindsight I gazed into her most pious visage, brTo behold myself through the depth of her filial foresight, brSeeing greatness where others beheld mediocrity.

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Interpretation and clarity of the theme, to the viewer.


Creativity, uniqueness, and originality of the depicted theme.


Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.


Color and tone. Balance of image within its space.


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Overall, can the entire artwork be judged as a masterpiece?


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