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Flames of Love

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In stock· New· Category: Artwork· Sub Category: Painting· Style: Figurative· Dimension: 36 x 60 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Skill Level: Professional· Total Units: 1· Lagos· Lagos· Nigeria
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Imagine love as a candle's flame, flickering in the darkness. In 'Embrace of Flames,' the man's flame dims, while the woman's burns bright, engulfing them in passion. It's a story of love's sacrifice, where one's light fades so the other can shine. Let this painting ignite your emotions and remind you of love's power. Join us in celebrating the beauty of love, as we embrace its flames and let it light up our lives.

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Artist Statement
I am Adetoro Debas, a visual artist. My artistic practice revolves around using abstract figures to convey profound emotions and spark contemplation.

As an artist, I firmly believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and communicate in ways that words cannot. Through my work, I aim to evoke curiosity and intrigue within the viewer, urging them to explore their interpretations.

What inspires my art is personal narratives and identity. Drawing from my own stories, memories, and emotions, I create abstract representations that delve into themes of identity, belonging, and personal journeys. The residency program would offer a supportive environment to delve deeper into these inspirations and develop a more profound connection with my artistic voice.

What sets my digital art apart is the way it comes alive, almost as if it were a traditional art piece. I meticulously craft each stroke and shape, paying attention to every detail to ensure that my digital creations possess the same depth and richness as traditional artwork.
I go beyond the digital realm. I print my digital artworks on canvas, allowing them to be enjoyed as physical pieces that can be displayed and appreciated in the same way as traditional artwork.

Being selected for this art residency program would be a transformative opportunity for my career.
This art residence will give the recognition my digital artwork is missing as an upcoming artist.
It would provide me with the resources, space, and support to further refine my artistic practice and explore new avenues in creating my digital art. I will upgrade my digital tools and a dedicated workspace, I would have the means to push the boundaries of my creativity and produce even more compelling artwork.

In conclusion, I believe that my unique artistic vision, passion for collaboration, and exploration of personal narratives make me an ideal candidate for this art residency program.


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