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Changing phases

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In stock· New· Category: Artwork· Sub Category: Painting· Style: Figurative· Dimension: 26 x 34 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Skill Level: Professional· Total Units: 1· Kurudu, Abuja· Federal Capital Territory· Nigeria
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Changing phases is a piece from my body of work, Where we learned to fly. It captures the essence of human evolution amidst the fear of change. The painting is an exposé on the depths of our human insecurities, portraying the struggle to confront and eventually embrace transformation. In an endearing interplay of figurative human and natural elements, it illustrates the journey from reluctance to acceptance, showcasing the courage required to navigate through lifes transitions. As the viewer gets immersed in the canvas, they
e invited to reflect on their own relationship with change, encouraged to divorce the urge to remain fixed on their former selves, achievements, failures, losses and the phobia for taking the leap out of their comfort zones; and experience the wonder and adventures of personal growth and development.

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As an artist, I see myself as an emissary of the soul, the untapped beauties locked up within its walls, the simple yet complex nature of finding oneself and how each art piece inches me closer to that search. My goal for creating art has always been to unravel the disparities in my personality, and finding meaning in this jigsaw puzzle called life. I don just paint for fun or aesthetics, I paint as a messenger, as a lover, as a human, as a dreamer, as a child; learning a new language- the mother tongue of the human spirit; because what we
e all here for is to find our individual paths and make our lives count. Painting happens to be the vocabulary my soul uses to tell its story, perhaps the world will hear me.

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