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The final masterpiece of the ‘Heat wave of Confidence’ collection is undoubtedly the breathtaking ‘Serenity’. This awe-inspiring painting is a tribute to a Northern lady, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my visit to the beach. The lady’s distinct features and the stories they told about her origins served as the inspiration behind the painting. As I conversed with her, I was struck by the profound sense of tranquility and inner calm that emanated from her. The painting is a true reflection of the serene and peaceful aura that enveloped us during our encounter, and it has since become one of my most treasured works of art.

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Oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen is a Ghanaian female artist who resides in Pokuase, Accra. She had her college education at Pharmatrust Professional College and became a full-time artist when she discovered her love for painting. Oforiwaa is a talented self-taught artist who creates stunning impressionist portraits that celebrate body positivity among women. Her favorite color is green, which she incorporates into her work to symbolize life, renewal, and vitality. She has had a couple of group exhibitions in Accra, including Thisnobeart and an exhibition hosted by Accra-fashion week.

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