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Beauty and Culture


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Fire used to draw image and Fabric use at the background, and African Beads used. The piece portray to demonstrate beauty and enhancement which African beads add to some culture festivals in African. Mostly this beads are put on by African women and men at culture festivals , naming ceremonies , funerals, weddings, chieftaincy, it represent symbolism, identifications , communication, protection and enhancement. In this piece the beads on the forehead of this gorgeous lady significantly is to beautify her, its a way of adding embodiment art culture to her beauty, the way women in (Dzodze) Ghana dresses during a festival call (Ɖeza) . Ɖeza means palm nut.They celebrate the festival with palm nuts, palm nut straws, and African Fabrics to appreciate their Chiefs (Ɛƒia) and art. Their reasons for women wearing the beads on the forehead during the festival is to preserve the history of the beads and they also believe, it serves as power and give them protection from their enemies. During this festival in Dzodze beautiful woman becomes more priceless before beauty. At this juncture their men call them (TƲGBƐDZƐEVAVA) meaning beautiful woman.

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Pyrography means fire. I use fire with blade to form art on burning marks telling my story, your story and our fellings through Fire art, talking about sensitive issues that affect life and life that needs life, portraying African culture to the world and connecting people from different part of the world on the Same mother earth. I want my art to strengthen life ,educate, motivate and give power to people who lack courage to speak up. I want my art to continue to teach the born and unborn beyond imagination. I love the natural color it gives me whenever I use fire to darw. What keeps me creating art is nature.

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