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Chinaza is the first work in my “agboghobia”series done in the year 2023. The work depicts a young African maiden painted entirely in black with the traditional beads, hairstyle and the background painted in Uli motifs as a symbol of her identity. The work goes to show that there is beauty beyond facial features and attributes.

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Chika Ejefobiri is a contemporary artist who creates works of art that are unique. Born in Nnewi, Anambra State in the year 2000, she was drawn to art from an early age. Her journey as an artist began with sketching family pictures with her dad at home and as she honed her skills, Chikas passion for art grew, and she embarked on a formal art education to expand her artistic horizons.Throughout her studies at the renowned University of Nigeria Nsukka , Chika experimented with various mediums,from oils to watercolors and mixed media. She delved into exploring human forms, capturing emotions and concepts through her art. This period of exploration laid the foundation for her distinct style, characterized by the use of Uli traditional motifs,expressive brushwork, and evocative compositions.As an artist constantly seeking growth and innovation,Chika’s journey is an ongoing exploration of creativity and self-expression.With each stroke of the brush, she leaves her own mark on the art world.

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