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In stock· New· Category: Artwork· Sub Category: Painting· Style: Figurative· Dimension: 35 x 39 - Inches· Dispatch: 1–3 business days· Skill Level: Novice· Total Units: 1· White House, Accra· Greater Accra· Ghana
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Heat wave of confidence series(II) brAcrylic and fabric on canvas brHeat wave of confidence series is aimed at building confidence in women irrespective of their body type. These are ordinary women who are overly confident and defy the societal pressure on how women should look and are not afraid to show the world their imperfections. Nudity is not the problem, self love is.

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Oforiwaa Gyasi Ellen is a talented self-taught artist who uses acrylic and fabric on canvas to create stunning impressionist portraits that celebrate body positivity amongst women. Her figures are often partially or fully naked, with bold strokes that highlight the unique differences that make us all beautiful. br brAs a lover of nature and growth, Oforiwaas favorite color is green, which she incorporates into her work to symbolize life, renewal, and vitality. She also adds a touch of home by including rich and beautiful patterns and prints of African fabric in her paintings. br brOforiwaas loose strokes and vibrant scenery backgrounds draw viewers into her world, inviting them to explore and appreciate the unique beauty of women from all over the world. Her art is a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and self-love, inspiring women everywhere to be comfortable in their own skin. br brIn Oforiwaas own words, Nudity is not the problem, self-love is. Her art serves as a powerful reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that self-love and acceptance are the keys to unlocking our true potential.

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